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Illa Pancha Challenge: Big waves tour.

Galicia surfing.

The Galician coast enjoyed surf and the big waves in the Lipchain Illa Pancha Challenge 2019. The best big wave surfers were summoned at Ribadeo to surf the giant wave known as O Panchorro, a very powered and dangerous wave, it can reach 18 meters in height.

Surfers Luchas ‘Chumbo’ Chianca and Ian Cosenza were the winners of Lipchain Illa Pancha Challenge 2019. Pedro Scooby and Everaldo Pato Teixiera got second place and Natxo Gonzalez and Adrián Fernández de Valderrama got third place.

We want to congratulate the organization and thank you for allowing us to collaborate in this important event for surfing in Galicia.

surf olas grandes


illa pancha campeonato

 surf olas grandes en ribadeo
 Olas gigantes
 ribadeo surf


surf galicia

lipchain illa pancha